Serenity Sunday: Firefly Episode 2-The Train Job


Hello everyone!  I hope you are finding serenity in your life this Sunday.  Today, we are talking about episode 2 of Firefly, “The Train Job”.  I cannot emphasize enough how much I love this episode.  If you need a refresher on who is who, please read my post on the first episode, where I introduce you to the gang.  I’m writing this assuming you know all of our main characters.  Okay, let’s get into episode 2.

Unification Day


Mal, Jayne, and Queen Zoe (she’s not an actual queen, just one in my eyes) are sitting in a bar on some planet.  This patrons of the bar are in celebration mode because it is Unification Day, the day when the Alliance defeated the independent forces.  We learned in the first episode that Mal and Zoe fought with the independent forces against the Alliance.  Mal takes exception to one of the bar patrons toasting to the Alliance.  He provokes the man and a bar fight ensues.  Wash flies in to save the day.  The bar fight was Mal’s secondary objective in visiting the bar.  The primary objective is to pick up some work.  He succeeds in getting one heck of a job.

The Train


Mal receives a task from this dangerous black market dealer called Niska.  He wants the Serenity crew to steal Alliance supplies from a train on the way to the outpost Paradiso.  The plan is simple, Zoe and Mal will ride the train, preparing the cargo for transport onto Serenity.  Jayne will be lowered onto the train from the ship, where he will latch the cargo onto a line that will hoist the box into the cargo hold of Serenity (did I say the plan was simple?).

Problems Galore


There are a few small problems with the execution of the plan.  Unbeknownst to Mal, the train is crawling with Alliance soldiers.  They manage to steal the cargo, but not without causing a ruckus on the train.  Jayne is able to escape with the cargo, but Mal and Zoe are stuck on the train to Paradiso.  Once they arrive in the town, all the passengers are sequestered, including Mal and Zoe.  The sheriff is trying to determine who stole the cargo.  This is when Mal learns that the box contained medicine the sick and dying of people of Paradiso needed.   Inara manages to use her companion status to free Zoe and Mal.  Mal decides to return the stolen property to Paradiso.  Before he can do this, Niska’s henchmen show to claim the cargo and kill the crew for not making it to the rendezvous.

The Best Scene Ever!

After a bit of a skirmish, the crew comes out on top.  The medicine is given to the sheriff.  Mal tries to return the money to the lead henchman, vowing to stay out of Niska’s way from now on.  The henchman proceeds to make threats, saying he is going to kill the crew.  Mal says “too bad” and kicks the guy into the suction created by the turbines of the Serenity.  The guy gets SUCKED INTO THE TURBINES!!!!  Mal then makes the same offer of staying out of Niska’s way to the next henchman.  Of course, the henchman agrees.  The first time I saw the kick, I laughed, screamed, and applauded at the same time.  What a delightfully surprising and completely gangsta way of ridding the crew of an enemy.

Blue hands


The episode concludes with Mal and Simon discussing River’s condition, while River mumbles “two by two, hands of blue” in another room.  The next scene shows two guys that look like Mr. Smith from The Matrix talking to a commander about the appearance of the Serenity crew on Paradiso.  They were wearing blue, latex gloves.  This looks like a set-up to episodes that were supposed to happen in later seasons, where the crew would encounter and fight Team Blue Gloves.

Wrapping it up

This episode is like a movie.  There is so much going on and all of it is entertaining.  Episode two made me a fan of the show.  It is a well written and well-executed episode that deserves a watch, even if you do not watch the other episodes (but you should watch all of them).

That’s it for episode 2 of Firefly.  Be sure to join me this Tuesday for our first Rod-Tino Tuesday, where we will be watching From Dusk til Dawn, directed by Robert Rodriguez.  Later today, I will post the particulars of Rod-Tino Tuesday in a separate post.  I will see you next Sunday for episode 3, “Bushwhacked”.  This one’s a little creepy.  I will see you then!

2 thoughts on “Serenity Sunday: Firefly Episode 2-The Train Job

  1. This was a wonderfully exciting episode of Serenity. The bar fight and then the alliance soldiers reaction to the theft of the medicine into the world building and there are some fantastic character moments here. It also sets up a future conflict for the crew. For a single episode, this was fantastic.

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    1. Now that you mention it, it does set up future conflict. I’m thinking about later episodes down the road when group loyalty is tested. The scene when Inara bails Zoe and Mal of their situation show the adaptability of the crew.

      Liked by 1 person

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