Sunday Drama: High School Entrance Exam Eps. 10-13

Hi everybody!  Welcome back to Sunday Drama.  Today, we are going to conclude High School Entrance Exam.  We have four episodes today.  To prevent this post from becoming a novel, I will only cover major story points in each episode.  After, I will give you my final thoughts on the show.  If you are unfamiliar with the show, here are the links for my other posts (Eps 1-3, Eps 4-6, Eps 7-9).   Here we go!

Episode Ten


The teachers are all sitting around a conference table.  They are accusing each other in colluding with those in the message board.  They are also trying to figure out if there is any validity to Victim’s accusation that Jerk cheated.  Or, if Victim is making a false accusation because Jerk is a bully.  Apparently, poor little Cell Phone has the same type of fake friends I had when I was in elementary school.  You know the type.  They pretend they are your friend but never invite you anywhere and seem annoyed by your presence.  When her phone finally rings and it is a friend, you are happy that she has a friend.  But, it turns out that they were mining for dirt to put on the message board.  Kids can be so cruel.  That aside, one of the teachers finally found Erina!  And, Smirk confesses to his brother that he is carrying out this elaborate plan on his brother’s behalf.

Episode Eleven


Now the elaborate plan starts to unravel.  Erina, Kyoko, and gym teacher Aida are spekaing privately in the lounge.   Erina confesses to planting the teacher Sakamoto’s cell phone in the class (I called it).  She is responsible for some of the message board posts, but she stopped posting at noon and did not continue until that evening.  She also confesses that her and gym teacher Aida are in a relationship.  But, guess who is snooping at the door?  That’s right!  His other girlfriend music teacher Midori.  Midori bursts trough the door, a whole bunch of bickering ensues, and Midori attempts to charge Erina, prepared to hand her a beat down.  Creepy teacher Murai breaks up the chaos by yelling and starts a miles long monologue about wanting to go to Tachibana, but his parents not letting him.  Meanwhile, it is revealed that the main instigator on the “Crush the Entrance Exam” site is already accepted to a prestigious  private school.  That main instigator being Smirk.

Episode Twelve


Creepy Murai accuses Kyoko of colluding with the message board kids.  And he is absolutely correct.  Kyoko says she did not put up the “Crush the Exam” posters, but she did play a part.  She knew that Erina planted the phone.  She even put a love note near it, knowing that clean-freak Aida would find it along with Sakamoto’s phone.  Her and Smirk spoke in code to put parts of the plan in action (there is a scene in one of the earlier episodes where Kyoko and Smirk are talking about cherry blossoms).  The reason she decides to go along with this plan is because she wanted to see the school’s reaction in this particular case.  She is motivated by the death of her lover, a teacher that made a grading error on a test, which resulted in that student not getting into the school.  The student committed suicide, and the teacher is struck by a car (either on accident or suicide).  Kyoko believes that people put too much importance on going to THIS school, as opposed to being passionate about education.

Episode Thirteen

confession 2.png

Kyoko continues are to explain her motivation for participating in the scheme.  She shows them a documentary by Smirk’s brother.  The documentary explains how he did not get into Tachibana because he forgot to put his student number on one of the tests.  More importantly, she shows them the vicious comments underneath the video.  These comments are instrumental in the brother’s psychotic break.  And here comes the big reveal.  The main one posting the comments is Ogino.  Who is Ogino you ask?  I thought he was one of the administration.  It turns out he is a teacher.  A teacher was cyber-bullying a student. To atone for mentally destroying this kid, he is the mastermind behind the message board.  He put up the “Crush the Exam” posters in the classroom.  He stole the answer booklet.


The show concludes with no one getting in trouble.  Cell Phone, Jerk, and Victim made it into the school.  Jerk did not get into trouble for cheating.  Cell Phone did not get into trouble for keeping the phone.  Smirk did not get in trouble for starting this whole mess.  Jerk and Victim make peace.  Kyoko and Ogino are not exposed for colluding with Smirk.  The principal resigns.  Some of the teachers go to different schools.  This includes Aida.  Midori breaks up with Aida.  Erina vanishes off the face of the earth.  The principal sends “suggestions” to the prefecture to make improvements on exam administration.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the show could have been better.  I like how they address issues like cyber bullying,regular bullying, and the pressure to succeed.  However, I’m not comfortable with no one being held accountable for their actions.  I think their point would have been stronger is someone is martyred (figuratively speaking).  The first two episodes are boring, but provide information needed down the line.  The last two episodes are boring and anticlimactic.  I think the principal “taking responsibility” because he is the principal is lame.  It feels like the writers ran out of ideas so slapped this one on to wrap up the story.

Well, we made it through High School Entrance Exam.  Next week we begin I’m Mita, Your Housekeeper.  Until then, I will see you for MC Tuesday and Iron Man.


MC Tuesday: Iron Man 2


Hi Everyone!  Welcome back to MC Tuesday, where we watch a movie from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  Last week’s movie is The Incredible Hulk.  This week, we are back with Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) in 2010’s Iron Man 2.  When I first saw this movie, I remember not caring too much for it.  But, I could not remember why I have these negative thoughts.  However, after this viewing, I remember why I have such a distaste for this movie.  Even so, there are some things about the movie I like.  Jon Favreau is the director, just like in the first Iron Man.  Let’s examine my love/hate relationship with this movie.

Mickey Freakin Rourke!

MIckey Rourke

I thought we’d make a feedback sandwich.  So I’m going to start with a positive.  Mickey Rourke plays Tony Stark’s nemesis Ivan Vanko.  They could not have picked a better villain.  He looks like an evil villain.   He just looks like a guy with a vendetta.  When he shows up in Monaco with his electric whips and starts beating on Tony Stark, it is very entertaining.  That would make a cool band name, “Mickey Rourke and the Electric Whips”.  But, “Ivan Vanko and the Electric Whips” sounds cooler.  He can go either way.

Yuppie Nonsense

Tony Stark

As much as I like Ivan Vanko as a villain, Tony Stark gets on my last nerve.  My eyes roll so much in this movie, I am surprised I do not have a migraine.  He is out of freaking control.  First off, that entrance into the Stark Expo with the Iron Man dancers is too much.  Then that speech basically saying “you’re welcome” followed by “but it’s not about me”.  Give me a break.  Then he goes into this hearing (this scene is too long by the way) and flaunts more of his ego.  And if I am not annoyed enough, he races in the stupid Grand Prix.  Are you kidding me????  How are you supposed to save the world when you are in an accident at the Grand Prix?  Or, if Micky Rourke and the electric whips show up to knock you down a peg or two?

sam rockwell

And just when you think it cannot get more narcissistic, here comes Justin Hammer (Sam Rockwell).  Let me say that I like Sam Rockwell as an actor.  He is a superb actor.  I listened to a podcast interview and he also seems like a pretty cool guy.  But, I hate Justin Hammer…HATE!!!  It’s not because he is a bad guy.  Ivan’s a bad guy and I’m a fan.  It is just too much sleazeball antics happening during the film.  Plus, he is supposed to be the head of a major corporation, but he is incompetent.  It does not make sense.

Yes, Ladies!!!

Iron Man 2

I am all for girl power!  For me, Pepper Potts (Gwenyth Paltrow) embodies a strong woman.  What she lacks in physical power, she makes up for in wit and conviction.  She has to put up with Tony Stark shenanigans and she handles it like a soldier.  She deserves to be CEO while Tony is saving the world and being a jerk (not always in this order).


This is also the first time we see Agent Romanov (Scarlett Johansson).  She possesses the brains and the brawn.  The first time we meet her, she beats the crap out of Starks driver Happy (Jon Favreau).  That scene when she breaks into Hammertown is one of my favorite scenes in the movie (I know Hammertown isn’t the name, but it feels like something Justin would say).

Where there’s a S.H.I.E.L.D…


In our timeline, this is the first time we see quite a bit of Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) and Agent Coulson (Clark Gregg) of S.H.I.E.L.D.  Quick aside: when Nick Fury says “I’ve got my eye on you”, I thought I would never stop laughing.  Only Sam Jackson can deliver that line in that way.  Anyway, their scenes also link us to our next movie!  Agent Coulson mentions that he is going to New Mexico.  Also during the stinger (the part after the credits), we see Thor’s hammer.

Wrapping it Up!

Well, that’s it.  Today’s my birthday so I’m going to go drink more wine and enjoy my evening.  As I have said, we will begin February with Thor.  Yay!  I like this movie. I will see you on Anime Thursday!  In honor of my birthday, I will tell you a little about myself via one of my favorite anime, Blood Blockade Battlefront & Beyond.  I will see you then!

Sunday Drama: High School Entrance Exam Eps. 7-9

Hi everyone!  Welcome back to Sunday Drama.  January’s title is High School Entrance Exam.  We are halfway through the story.  Last week, we learn that Erina is heavily involved in not only the exam conspiracy.  This school is full of secrets, scandal, and intrigue.  Let’s dive back in, beginning with episode seven.

Episode Seven

What a great episode!  We finally get to see the reason for the exam disruption.  It turns out the five years ago, a student did not make it into the prestigious school.  As a result, he is emotionally destroyed, his father feels ashamed, and his little brother bears witness to his family’s disgrace.  Well, the little brother can hold a grudge because he intends on “crushing the entrance exam”.  The little brother is the student I call Smirk.

smirk and bro

Meanwhile, the mystery of student #46’s missing test is underway.  The administration decides to question the teachers one-by-one.  Midori, the music teacher, and gym teacher Aida’s girlfriend reveals that she spotted student Erina (Aida’s other girlfriend) on the school grounds.  Students are not allowed on the campus because of the exams.  During Aida’s questioning, he says that after the exam, he patrolled campus, ensuring that there are not trespassers.  When asked if he saw Erina, he says no.  Of course, he is lying because when he went on his “patrol”, he goes straight to the locker room to see Erina.

saw a current student

During the search and questioning, Jerk’s dad comes back to the school.  If you recall, Jerk Dad is the chairman of the school’s alumni association.  That makes him pretty powerful in this school.  When he makes his appearance, he reveals that he has found the missing test.  But, there is one tiny problem.  The student number on the test is 55, not 46.  So now there are two 55 tests.  And to make matter’s worse, 55 is Jerk!  I nearly passed out at this!

he did his best.png

Jerk Dad insists on staying in the lounge to wait for the administration.  Midori makes him tea and comes up with a way to get him the hell out of there.  She shows him the message board and tells him if the folks on the board know he is there begging for extra points, they may sue.  But, they already know he is there.  Further, they are threatening to go to the press because they know his son cheated on the test.

I think Erina leaked the fact that Jerk Dad is on the premises, considering that she is still hiding on school grounds.  I also think Victim is the one that revealed Jerk’s cheating on the message board.  On to episode eight!

Episode Eight

The message board has the administration edge.  And to make matters worse, Cell Mom is now at the school, where she finds out about the message board from Jerk Dad.  When I see her make another appearance, I wanted to flip a table.  Why are you here lady?!  Once she sees the board, she insists on the administration holding a press conference to say that her daughter’s cell phone going off is the school’s fault.   She can’t honor her troubled daughter’s wishes to attend another school.  She’s a real b-word.  At any rate, Erina is outside the window.  She hears the press conference idea and posts it on the message board.


At this point, the show switches gears.  We have a flashback of Smirk’s brother.  This time, he is reading an article discussing the misgrading of some tests.  He talks with little Smirk about requesting to see his test.

Fast forward to the present, the message board says a teacher is in on the “crush the entrance exam” campaign.  Back in the principle’s office, one of the administration has to use the toilet.  Midori agrees to watch the office if he has to use the bathroom.  But, she sneaks out of the school with other teachers to get food.  So the office containing the tests is empty.  Jerk’s test with the perfect score is sitting next to the computer that has the test score for all the students.  And…someone is sneaking into the office.


Is the sneak Erina?  Or, is it one of the teachers that are in cahoots with the message board students?  It’s time for episode nine.

Episode Nine

The administration, the parents, and wise teacher Mizuno decide to relocate to a different room for more privacy.  Mizuno suggests that they should post a message on the thread.  The message will state that the messages about Cell Phone and Jerk should be deleted, or they will contact the police.  This finally satisfies the pushy parents and they go home.

The teachers begin to posit which of their colleagues is in involved in the exam disruption.  The teachers theorize that it is either  Murai the snoop or Midori.  The message board corroborates that the teacher’s name begins with an “M”.   Mizuno accuses Victim’s father of tampering with the test to keep Jerk out of the school and away from his son.  Victim’s father’s name is Matsushima.  I will tell you one of my theory momentarily.

m sensei.png

The teachers gather with the administration to discuss their plans for the message board.  This is when the discovery is made that Jerk’s score is already in the system.  The score is an 82, not enough to get into the school.  The principal asks if the office is left unattended.  The administrator lies and says no.


The only other things of note that occur are that Victim’s dad (who is a teacher at the school) finds out he wrote the note that Jerk cheated on the test.  Jerk finds out people are talking trash about him on the board.  He accuses Victim, of course.  The episode ends with Smirk’s big brother wanting to have a conversation.

Midori and Murai are sound choices for the teacher conspiring with the students.  But, Mizuno is a sound candidate as well.  He has aspirations of being in the administration.  Perhaps he is trying to show the incompetence of the current administration and force their dismissal.  Blaming Matsushima may be to deflect suspicion onto someone else.


Well, that’s it for episodes 7-9!  Next week we will wrap it up.  Will the culprits be discovered?  Will the exam change?  We will see next week with episodes 10-13.  Until then, I will see you on Tuesday for Iron Man 2.

MC Tuesday: The Incredible Hulk


Hi Everybody!  Welcome to MC Tuesday, where we watch a movie from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  If you missed last week’s movie, it is Iron Man.  This week, we are discussing my favorite Avenger.  He’s mean, he’s green, and his parkour rivals that of Pickle Rick.  That’s right!  It is 2008’s The Incredible Hulk.  Today is the perfect day to watch this movie.  There’s snow on the ground and I have effectively shut myself inside my house.  This movie is directed by Louis Leterrier and stars one of my favorite actors, Edward Norton.  He plays the brilliant Bruce Banner.

A Lonely Existence

Ed Norton as Hulk

I think what this movie illustrates best is the lonely life of Banner.  The movie flies through how Hulk became Hulk.  We head immediately to Banner hiding in Brazil.  While in Brazil, he works in a soda factory, trying to keep a low profile.  His only real contact is with some bullies at the factory (we will come back to these jerks), a doctor, and someone called “Mr. Blue”.  Mr. Blue is a scientist trying to help Bruce cure the adverse effects of exposure to gamma radiation.  That effect is him turning into a green rage-beast.

Bruce is doing everything he can to control his rage and not turn into, in my opinion, the cooler version of himself.  He is doing well until his gamma radiation-filled blood is discovered in Stan Lee’s soda bottle.   This innocent oversight leads General Ross (William Hurt) and Blonski (Tim Roth) to his doorstep.  Bruce escapes but runs into the soda bullies I mentioned earlier.  Of course, they give chase.  So, now he is being pursued by the military and the soda bullies.  The soda bullies corner him in the factory and proceed to hand him a beatdown.  Because they cannot leave a guy alone who is not bothering anyone, Bruce transforms and starts throwing large machinery.

Bruce escapes again and winds up in Mexico.  Cue the sad Hulk music.  The movie shows Banner alone, walking back to the United States. He is going to find the data that will help Mr. Blue find a cure.  When he finally makes it back, he is reluctantly reunited with Elizabeth “Betty” Ross (Liv Tyler).



The last time Bruce and Betty are together, she is in a hospital because of the Hulk.  When Bruce finds her again, she is in a relationship with a psychologist.  When Bruce re-emerges, it is like the psychologist does not exist.  It makes me laugh how quickly he becomes insignificant.  At any rate, Betty wants to help Bruce in any way she can.  Of course, Bruce wants her to keep her distance so that she remains safe.    Thier beautiful reunion is brief. The insignificant psychologist snitches on Bruce to General Ross, Betty’s father.

General Jerk and Captain D-bag

General Ross is a despicable general and a horrible father.  First, he has Banner conducting experiments and Banner does not know why.  Second, he is willing to put his daughter in jeopardy to capture Banner so he can dissect him.  Then, after seeing the results of what can happen, he decides to inject someone else with foreign substances.  Incompetence at its finest.

Captain Bronski is a reckless, barbaric tool who loves to fight.  When he sees the Hulk’s power, he wants it for himself.  So he goes in for Hulk injections, twice.  He is strong but this is not good enough for the power junkie.  He then gets injections from Mr. Blue, also known as Professor Sterns (Tim Blake Nelson).  That’s when Bronski turns into what I like to call a “spikey booger monster”.

The Final Showdown

hulk and bronski

After Bronski’s transformation into Spikey Booger Monster, he starts destroying Harlem.  Only one person can stop Spikey’s rampage.  Banner turns into the Hulk after doing a swan dive out of a plane.  The battle begins.  Of course, Spikey has the upper hand in the battle.  But then Hulk sees sweet Betty and the General in danger.  Thier downed helicopter is on fire.  Hulk manages to escape Spikey’s clutches and does a boss move.  He claps the fire out.  Yes, folks!  The wind from the Hulk’s clap extinguishes the fire.  After this epic move, Hulk goes on to defeat Spikey, and disappears, moving to Canada.

Putting the Band Together

Of course, we cannot leave Banner in Canada to his own devices.  The next scene shows General Ross in a bar.  Who happens to saunter in, wearing an extremely nice suit?  Tony freaking Stark.  He proclaims that “we” are putting a team together.  One can assume that “we” is S.H.I.E.L.D., and “team” is the Avengers.

Well, that’s it!  The next time we see Banner, we will be played by Mark Ruffalo.  Personally, I prefer Norton.  Something about Ruffalo’s voice bothers me.  Anyway, thanks for hanging out with me and the Hulk on this snowy Tuesday.  Next week, we will reunite with Mr. Stark in Iron Man 2.  I will see you for anime Thursday!



Sunday Drama: High School Entrance Exam Eps. 4-6

Hi Everybody!  Welcome back to Sunday Drama!  Last week, week watched the first three episodes of High School Entrance Exam.  Today, we discuss episodes 4-6.  Last week, the teachers of Tachibana High School discover a message board where people are talking about “crushing” the entrance exam.  Let’s see what happens next!

Episode Four


Admin doing nothing


At the top of the episode, we find out what the administration plans on doing about the message board.  They decide to do….absolutely nothing.  They believe that since the students do not have their cell phones, the messages could not be about this school.  There is a substantial amount of eye-rolling on my part.

In this episode, we get to see more of the students.  To keep the confusion to a minimum, I’m going to use nicknames.  There’s “Jerk”.  Jerk’s father is the president of the alumni association.  Coincidentally, he is also a jerk.  There’s “Victim”.  Victim is being bullied by Jerk, probably because Victim is smarter than Jerk.  There is also Smirking Kid.  He smirks as if he has a secret.

The most important student in this episode is “Cell Phone”.  If you recall from episode two, one student lies, claiming she does not have a cell phone.  This is the same girl.  However, this lie comes back to haunt her.  Cell Phone’s mom texts her and her phone goes off in the middle of the exam. Girl, why is your phone not on silent?  Anyway, she is asked to leave the exam.  She begins to freak out and starts hyperventilating.  It is a mess!


Cell Phone
Cell Phone


Cell Phone goes to the nurse’s office where she sees her mother.  She and her mother wind up in a lounge with the principle and the teacher in charge of that classroom.  The principal tells Cell Phone’s mother that her daughter is disqualified.  Cell Mom is not happy. While she is rampaging, Jerk Dad bursts into the office.

I skipped around a bit, but let me get back to the message board.  Before the end of the exam, one of the teachers is monitoring the board and notices messages stating “right before the end”, and “something will happen”.  At the end of the episode, we realize that something has happened.

Episode Five


found in room


I thought that the actual test is a mess.  What happens after is worse.  Let’s begin with Erina.  Erina’s name comes up quite a bit in the first few episodes.  She is a student that already attends this school.  It didn’t make sense to hear her name so much.  But her presence (in name and in person) is kind of important.

Erina is dating Aida, the gym teacher.  Aida finds her in the locker room, dressed in her middle school uniform.  He is freaking out because she is not supposed to be on school grounds during the exam.  He is completely flustered when she drops a bomb.

Erina asks him who is accompanying him to Indigo Resort?  He plays dumb, saying he doesn’t know what she is talking about.  Then she pulls out a gold card for the resort.  If you recall from last week, the teacher Midori’s boyfriend lost a gold card.  Someone in the chat discusses finding a gold card.  Do you see what is happening?  Aida lies and says he is chaperoning a field trip with another male teacher.  Erina pretends to accept this obvious lie.

Let’s get back to Cell Phone.  Cell Phone claims that she did not hear the rules because the teacher mumbled the words.  She also says that the rules are not on the chalkboard.  Cell Phone, Cell Mom, Jerk Dad, and the administration go to the classroom.   Some of the teachers are already there, looking at the rules and realizing the same thing.  They are last year’s rules with last year’s date changed to the current year.  After Cell Mom threatens to sue, the administration withdraws the disqualification.  Once again, several eye-rolls.  This administration is extremely incompetent.


Cell Mom and Cell Phone


After that mess, it is time to grade the exams.  Our main character Kyouko is on the team grading the English exams.  There are a few issues during the grading process.  First Aida drops the tests and now they are out of numerical order.  Next, there is a blank test in with the others.  After some time, the teachers notice that there is a test missing, number  46.  They also notice a note written by one of the students saying that another student cheated.  The note is from Victim, who happens to be the son of one of the teachers.  The student caught cheating?  Jerk, of course.  On to the next episode!

Episode Six

In this episode, we learn who sits in seat number 46.  They do not say his name, I just know who is sitting in the corner of the class.  46 puts the teacher in a bit of a pickle.  He can claim he turned in a completed test, putting the responsibility back on the teachers.

In this episode, we see flashbacks the students.  The first is Erina. It shows how Erina is bullied at the school, and that Aida is the person who shows her kindness.  Hence, her obsession with him.  We also see a flashback of Jerk bullying Victim.  Why are there so many bullies?


Erina and Aida.png
Aida and Erina


At any rate, the teachers complete the grading process.  That is the most grueling process I have ever witnessed.  The teachers turn in the tests and tell the administration about the blank test.

Wrapping it up

Well, that’s three more episodes down. It is funny how little things that did not matter in the beginning are now important.  Thanks for hanging in there with me.  Next week, we watch episodes 7-9.  I will see you for MC Tuesday and The Incredible Hulk!

MC Tuesday: Iron Man


Hi everybody!  Welcome back to MC Tuesday, where we watch a movie from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  Last week’s movie is Captain America: The First Avenger.  Today’s movie premiered three years prior to Captain America but is second in our MCU timeline.  This is 2008’s, Iron Man.  The movie stars Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man and was directed by Jon Favreau.  Favreau works on many of the movies in the MCU.  But for now, let’s talk Iron Man.

Incorrigible Tony Stark


If there is an outstanding d-bag award, genius billionaire Tony Stark will win.  Moreover, he will probably show up late to claim the prize.  Tony Stark inherited the family business of making weapons and run it alongside greedy Obadiah (Jeff Bridges).  Tony is more the scientist/R and D guy.  Obie is more on the business end.  Tony has everything someone could ever want: a sweet state-of-the-art house in Malibu, cars, planes, the ladies, and an awesome e-butler name Jarvis.

Stark may have all the luxuries, but he is completely naive when it comes to the business.  That is until he kidnapped and finds out that his company, Stark Industries, is supplying weapons to warlords.  Once he is rescued, he wants to right the wrongs by becoming Iron Man.  As the man in the can, he fights evil.  This includes (to no one’s surprise) greedy Obediah, who is also despicable.  Obie is supplying the warlords with the weapons (again to no one’s surprise).  In a battle between Tony and Obediah in their respective Iron Man suits, it is Pepper Pots that saves the day by pushing a big red button.

Pepper “Clapback Queen” Potts

Shady Pepper

Pepper Potts (played by Gwyneth Paltrow) is Stark’s spunky assistant.  Ms. Potts has the daunting task of taking care of a billionaire who may forget to eat if she does not tell him to do so.  She even goes into his chest hole to find a copper wire.  Now that is a dedication to the job.

Early on in the movie, Pepper shades one of Stark’s conquests and I wish I could give her a high-five.  A reporter wakes up in Stark’s bed.  As she is snooping around his house looking for him, she runs into Pepper.  Pepper informs her that her clothes have been dry cleaned and her cab is out front.  The reporter tries to throw shade by saying how Pepper is still picking up the dry cleaning.  Pepper then says that she does whatever Tony needs her to do “including occasionally taking out the trash”.   She should have told her to pick up her face on the way out the door. That Pepper is a savage.


We see them in Captain America and here they are again.  A mysterious agency that has their hand in anything extraordinary.  If there are aliens, demigods, superhumans, or billionaire geniuses with unprecedented technology, the Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement, and Logistics Division will be there.  In Captain America, S.H.I.E.L.D’s main guy Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) appears.  This time, we see Agent Coulson (Clark Gregg), followed by a Nick Fury appearance after the credits.

Well, there you have it! How do you feel about Iron Man, Tony Stark, greedy Obie, Pepper, and S.H.I.E.L.D?  Let me know!  I’m excited about next week!  We are talking about the Incredible Hulk.  He is my favorite Avenger so I can’t wait.  I will see you on Thursday for anime Thursday.


Sunday Drama: High School Entrance Exam Eps. 1-3

Hi Everybody! Welcome to Sunday Drama.  Every Sunday, I will click on that drama tab on Crunchyroll and watch one of the shows.  There will be one show per month, and I will talk about a few episodes every week.  This month’s title is the 2012 drama High School Entrance Exam.  I will be discussing the first three episodes.  If you will like to join in the discussion, go watch them and I’ll wait for you. You ready?  Okay, let’s do it!

Episode 1

Kyouko schools

The first episode starts extremely slow.  Our main character is first-year teacher Kyouko.    All I really know about her is that she gave up working as a travel agent to teach.  Most of this first episode introduces us to the teachers.  But more importantly, the show emphasis ad nauseam the importance of the entrance exam, and that this high school (Tachibana High School) is number one in the district.  There’s even a scene where teachers that are alumni of the school sing the school song with cult-like enthusiasm.  It is pretty creepy.

teachers singing.png

Sprinkled throughout the episode are text messages about someone’s disdain for the exam.  You see messages about how they hate the exams, the exams ruined their life, etc.  We do not know who or why someone is sending the messages.  The messages really mess with the continuity of the episode, until the very end when it starts to make sense.

The day before the exam, a message appears all over the school.  It reads “crush the entrance exam”.  What makes this freaky is that they are posted on the teachers’ chalkboards.  The show leads us to believe that all the classrooms are locked and that all the keys are in the key box.  So, there is no way someone should have been able to do this.


Episode 2



I didn’t think it was possible for the second episode to be slower than the first, but here we are.  This episode takes place the day before the exam. While the teachers are cleaning the classrooms, they discover a note and one of the teacher’s cell phones.  They talk about this cell phone for what feels like days.  There is no point in such a long scene.  Speaking of pointless scenes, they throw a flashback of Kyouko in there.  This scene does absolutely nothing to enhance the story.

Once again, we see more messages from what appears to be a message board.  Most are talking about bringing down the exams.  Some of the messages are talking about a resort.  This is important because Kyouko books a reservation for a teacher at this resort.  The teacher, whose name is Midori, plans to take her boyfriend after the exam.  Kyouko gives Midori a gold card and tells her not to lose it, but she does anyway. Apparently, Midori gives the card to her boyfriend who misplaced the card.  One of the people in the chat “finds” this card.  So, the mystery boyfriend is somehow connected to one of the people in the chat.  It feels like the show goes the long way round to build intrigue.

Episode 3


Thank goodness!  Episode three really picks up the pace!  We arrive at the entrance exams.  The middle-schoolers all enter to begin an intense day.  I am nervous for these kids because their parents are tripping.  These kids are going to be taking the exam all day long, and these parents decide to stay. However, they can neither speak with nor watch the children.

As the test-taking begins, I am on pins and needles.   These kids do not have access to their cell phones because the teachers collected them prior to the test taking.  There is one student who lies and says she does not have a cell phone.  I wonder what factor this will play later in the show?  Anyway, the pressure seems to be tremendous.

There are a few moments of heightened interest.  The first is that one student asks Kyouko and cool teacher Konishi about Japanese blossoms.  This sounds like code.  Also, the episode keeps cutting to someone I’m calling “five-o-clock shadow man”.  What does he have to do with the exam?  And, a student named Erinia is mentioned in this and the previous episodes.  Is this just a coincidence?.  And the biggest surprise, teacher Midori finds the message board!!!  How will this impact the exam?

cherry blossoms.png

Even though the show has a super slow start, it pulled a Walking Dead and kicked it up a notch at the end.  Hopefully, it will stay intense for the rest of the series.

Well, that’s it for the first three episodes of High School Entrance Exam.  Next Sunday is episodes 4-6!




MC Tuesday: Captain America: The First Avenger

Welcome to Marvel Cinematic Tuesday!


Hi everyone!  Welcome to the first MC Tuesday.  Every Tuesday, I will post my thoughts on a movie from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  I am going in the order of what is the accepted MCU timeline. I am not including shows that fill in storyline gaps. Also,  I’m not going to dive into comic book lore, Stan Lee’s life, or what Chris Evans eats for breakfast (best guest…egg whites and wheat toast).  There are people out there that are better qualified for that type of conversation.

What I will do is give you my insights into the movie and the world of Marvel.  I may refresh your memory on the stories, or highlight something that never crossed your mind.  Who knows.  I am just trying to prep us for the release of Avengers: Infinity War that will be in theatres May 4, 2018.  Are you ready?  Let’s do it!

The first movie on our journey is Captain America: The First Avenger.  The 2011 movie was directed by Joe Johnston and stars Chris Evans as the Captain.  Spoilers!!!!

From dud to stud

Lil and Big Steve

If you have never seen Captain America: The First Avenger, let me give you a very quick rundown.  Scrawny Steve Rogers wants to serve his country.  But he’s too scrawny and has every disqualifiable ailment that will keep someone out of the Army.  Then, a scientist notices that what Steve lacks in strength and stamina, he makes up for in wits and character.   So the scientist taps Steve to undergo an experiment (I will get back to this) and makes him Captain America.

Random thought:  He is so oily when he comes out of the machine.  So oily.

At first, Captain  America is used as a marketing tool to get the public to buy bonds.  The people love him.  But you know who doesn’t love him?  The soldiers.  They verbally knock him back down to being scrawny Steve.  This all turns around when the Cap saves some soldiers from the evil Hydra.  Cap then goes on a campaign to shut Hydra down.

Leave it to soldiers to get the job done!  Speaking of which, this guy looks a little familiar.

I know this guy

familiar cap

As an Army veteran, I used to run into Steve Rogers types all the time.  I have met the guy (or girl) who wants to serve his country like there’s no freaking tomorrow.  There is also the super athletic soldier who runs fast, does a billion pullups, and flips tires like they are quarters.  Another “Steve Rogers” is the apparent leader of the pack who comes up with grand schemes.  And my personal favorite, the socially inept guy that never knows what to say to women.  So, what type of Steve Rogers am I?  None.  I am more the sassy, black, female Tommy Lee Jones with less rank and a lot younger.

Speaking of Tommy Lee Jones


In my humble opinion, there is not enough TLJ in this movie.  Jones plays Colonel Chester Phillips.  Nearly everytime he is on screen, he makes me laugh.  He delivers punch lines with a masterful subtlety.  I needed his levity because the movie is two hours long and have parts that are kind of boring.  Then Jones will come in and call Steve a chorus girl or exclaim that he’s not kissing Steve.  This will bring me back from the brink of boredom.

Some good drugs


Let’s face it, the Cap is given the best steroids in human history.  He didn’t get the acne, mood swings, or the girly boobs that come along with regular gym candy.  With that being said, please do not think I’m advocating steroids usage.  I am simply acknowledging that the scientist and Howard Stark mastered synthesizing some excellent roids and a roid machine.  But, it did have a side effect.  Did you see the bad guy Red Hood’s face?  He looks like a giant boil.  Yikes!!!

Boil head aside, let’s look at the true star of the MCU.

The star of the MCU


If you are going in chronological order (without TV, comic books, or other stuff besides movies), then this is our introduction to the tesseract.  This is a very powerful blue box (not as big as the T.A.R.D.I.S but still powerful).  The tesseract will kind of be our anchor as we traverse this universe. There will be times when it is not there.  But frequently if there is a problem, that blue cube is the catalyst.

Next Up

We did it!  We made it through our first MC-Tuesday.  If you miss my anime posts, I will see you in a couple of days for Anime Thursday.  Next MC-Tuesday we will watch a movie with our favorite rich, kind of douch-y guy Tony Stark.  That’s right it’s the first Iron Man.  Until then, please like, share, and joine me every week on our MCU adventure.




Welcome back Cruisers’!  As you are probably aware, American Horror Story returns on September 5.   If you have never seen the show, the title pretty much tells you the premise.  Each season the show focuses on a different scary story.  From ghosts to witches to the circus, AHS has found new ways to horrify us (sometimes).  This season looks to be no different.  I have watched quite a few teasers on YouTube.  The mixture of cults, clowns, and bees looks delightfully disturbing.  So, to commemorate my 7th post, and the upcoming 7th season of AHS, I thought I’d give you my impressions of each season.  I’ll try not to give too much detail in case you want to binge watch the earlier seasons.

AHS: Murder House (2011)

AHS Murder House

Like most shows, the first season is the best season (so far).  This troubled family relocates from Boston to California to make a fresh start.  The realtor warns them that the house has a troubled past, telling them that a murder/suicide was committed by the previous tenants.  But she fails to tell them of the many horrors that occurred there prior to that incident.  The family is terrorized by the many ghosts that haunt the house.  Of course, the family has sunk everything they had into the home so there’s no going back.  So they soldier on, living with a bunch of ghosts and unearthing a bunch of skeletons (so to speak), including their own.  This season introduces the audience to a mix of history and the macabre.  And the opening….scary as hell.

AHS: Asylum (2012)

AHS Asylum

The second season was not as good as the first, but still good and extremely messed up.  This season was based on a real-life journalist’s exposé, where the journalist had herself committed to an asylum so she could expose the inhumane treatment of its patients.  AHS: Asylum had the same premise, except in this fictional institution, the staff should have been the ones committed.  There was some crazy nuns, some crazy doctors, and some truly crazy situations.  I remember being bored mid-season but regaining interest towards the end.

AHS: Coven (2013)

AHS Coven

Season three was okay, not as good as two, but not the worst season.  As the name suggests, season three examines a New Orleans coven and the power struggle that lies therein.  The head witch (called the “supreme”) fights to keep her position and power, as a group of new witches joins the coven.  I think this would have been an extremely boring season were it not for Kathy Bates and Angela Bassett.  Kathy Bates had some of the best lines in the show.  The beef she had with Bassett’s character (the women have a looooooonnnnng history) kept the show interesting.  All the “supreme” stuff seemed secondary.

AHS: Freak Show (2014)

AHS Freak Show

Season four was lame.  This could have been a terrifying season.  There was this circus freak show that was on its last leg, a clown that you would not invite to a kid’s party…ever, and a sadistic man-baby (as in he is a man that acted like a baby).  It was all there.  The problem was the story they were trying to sell me was not interesting.  Not to mention the singing.  I mean it was AHS: The Musical.  They focused too much on the ring leader’s story, a story that I cared the least about.  As a matter of fact, there was too much time devoted to individual stories.  There were just too many characters for that.  I think they should have told the story from one perspective, namely the perspective of the conjoined twins.  DID I MENTION THE SINGING??!!!

AHS: Hotel (2015)

AHS Hotel

Freak Show was pretty lame but Hotel just plain sucked (and not just the blood-sucking kind that was on the show).  There was the whole “once you check in, you never check out” thing they were going for.  The season is set in this hotel in California that was haunted by those who died there.  Lada Gaga played some sort of vampire-like person.  They tried to incorporate all these dead serial killers, but it was just a whole bunch of nonsense to me.  I may garner a lot of hate for saying this but I think too much was made of Lady Gaga’s performance in the show.  She played a blood-sucking, gold-digging floozy.  But I guess she did outstanding when compared to the other characters.  But that was more bad writing than bad acting.

AHS: Roanoke (2016)

AHS Roanoke

Just when I had given up hope of ever seeing a decent AHS again, here comes Roanoke to punch me in the face!  This season takes us to another haunted house, but this time into the dark and creepy woods of North Carolina.  It was jump-scare city this season.  You found yourself yelling “Run!” at the screen like you were watching Nightmare on Elm Street or something.  This season had complex characters with complex relationships, enough tension to give you anxiety, and a creepy tone with none of the cheese of the previous two seasons.  And just when you thought it was over….it wasn’t.  It reminded me a lot of the first season in that you don’t understand why they are there or why they stay, but you glad you are a witness to it.

So here’s the tally….

Seasons 1 and 6: Watch it!

Seasons 2 and 3: Watch it if you have time.

Seasons 4 and 5: Yea…you can skip it if you want.

There are recurring characters and connecting histories within the show’s seasons.  But, you can watch YouTube videos or go on Reddit to find these connections.

I am looking forward to seeing what happens in AHS: Cult.  History has shown us that is could be a creepy and disorienting look into America’s dark history like the first and sixth seasons, a mediocre show with some redeeming qualities like second and third seasons, or a hot, boring mess like the fourth and fifth seasons.  It is hard to believe the guy who created Glee (Ryan Murphy) had a hand in this dark, disturbing show.  I can’t wait to tell you my impressions of Cult!!!

Next time:

Why I love the Sci-Fi/Fantasy genre

I just discovered Crime Writers On…

Other stuff…

Until then…thanks for your continued support and Keep Cruisin’!!!


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